2 weeks on, friend reveals details on missing Bay Area runner

More than two weeks since the mysterious disappearance of a Bay Area man in a busy park, a friend posted a long Q&A about the search, clues and frustrating frustrations.

Berkeley resident Philip Kreycik, 37, disappeared in a run in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park on July 10. PG&E analysts and hungry runners parked his car near the Moller Ranch internship area around 11 a.m., after telling his wife went for an hour long. run. When he did not return home as expected, his wife reportedly disappeared at 2 p.m.

Police said they found Kreycik’s car safely, with his wallet and cell phone in it.

Friend and fellow runner Chris Thoburn wrote in his Q&A (you can read it in its entirety here) that they have verified Kreycik’s location leading up to his disappearance. CCTV at a UPS store where Kreycik dropped a package (a return item, Thoburn says) shows him entering and leaving the lot, and the traffic camera and FastTrak car also drew him to the staging area.

RECORD - Philip Kreycik, 37, parked his car near the Moller Ranch internship area about 11 a.m. and told his wife that he was gone for an hour run, Pleasanton Police said.

RECORD – Philip Kreycik, 37, parked his car near the Moller Ranch internship area about 11 a.m. and told his wife that he was gone for an hour run, Pleasanton Police said.

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Thoburn said, the center dogs were only able to follow Kreycik from his car to the trail.

“Unfortunately they are not amazing as some of the comments would make you believe,” he wrote. “… When you have a family, share your car with your wife and do laundry together pretty much all the smelly items in some way. The family tried hard to provide non-contaminated items … [search and rescue] for the search, but ultimately it seemed the dogs would instead gather on the centers of others in the area. “

Family and friends had a brief glimmer of hope on the fourth day of the search when two residents adjacent to the park hear crying for help. Thoburn spoke to them, but he never heard the voice himself. A search of the canyon yielded nothing. He wrote: “I believe they really heard that sound.” “My personal take is to hear someone else in the distance calling ‘Philip’ in which there was a lot of folks doing that night and that sounds a ton like ‘helping’ in that canyon.”

When asked to better guess why Kreycik has yet to be found, despite extensive research by hundreds of volunteers, law enforcement and trained research and rescue teams, Thoburn speculated heat exhaustion took its toll on his friends yo. It is not clear if Kreycik brought water with him, and temperatures in the area hit a soaring 105 degrees that day. The terrain of the park, which covers a large area between Pleasanton and Hayward in the East Bay Regional Park District, is rugged and steep, and the jacks are now without much water.

“Philip didn’t adapt to heat,” Thoburn wrote. “He lived on the Oakland / Berkeley border and most of his training was on the Bay side of the ridge. That means he rarely ran in time above 80, with morning and evening runs (where he typically had time ) would have been in the 50s or 60s. “

“She [may have gotten] dizzy from the heat, wandered into a ravine for either shade or short path, fell, stuck, and either it’s still or wildlife has met him since, “he added. In any case we’re looking for something hard to find: harder if it’s the latter. If it’s there, the valley bottoms after rain will probably where the rest will eventually turn. If we don’t get it soon you’ll get me out of them often in the coming months / years. “

As for next step, Thoburn says people like Kreycik are not given to them. Friends and family always walk the park every day, with coordinated research across them 12,000-member public Facebook group. Some of the lead they had long had dried up, but Thoburn would still like to contact a possible witness “who may have seen Philip on the Ridge that day.” For that, some volunteers continued to talk to people on the trail, wondering if people were in the park on July 10 and may have inadvertently seen something important.

Philip Kreycik, 37, of Berkeley, California Photo shared on "Find Philip Kreycik" Facebook group.

Philip Kreycik, 37, of Berkeley, California Photo shared on “Find Philip Kreycik” Facebook group.

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“I feel we’ve exhausted the obvious, and what’s left is little corners and fallen trees we maybe didn’t get eyes around as well as we should have in the first pass or two,” Thoburn wrote. “So I spent my evenings wandering these areas systematically, but also connecting the points on the exact sides of all the‘ official ’trails: they were trying as hard as I could to both think like a runner, think like a runner in distress, and think like a runner in distress making irrational decisions. The problem is, if it’s the third, we’ve potentially had no real limit to the search yet. “

“My hope from fairly early in this research was that he made it out of the park. Chances are far better for his survival if he did,” he added. “That said, we have no evidence that he made it out, and our search for videos of potential exit points has turned up nothing so far.

“All signs now still show he went for a run in the park and didn’t leave it.”

Anyone with information about Kreycik’s disappearance is asked to contact the Pleasanton Police Department at 925-931-5100. Thoburn said seekers are looking for more camera footage at any home or business near the park, particularly from 10:45 am to 8 pm July 10. They can be found at [email protected]

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