Ammika Harris looks beautiful in this orange dress

Ammika Harris shared a couple of new pics of her wearing an orange dress. Check out the post she posted on her social media account.

Ammika said, “Give me a bouquet of flowers and I’ll be fine. @prettylittlething ‘and one commenter posted this:’ I love this whole look. So beautiful! ‘

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One fan said: ‘My beautiful, I love you ❤️🥺👸🏽’ and another follower said: ‘Damn beautiful 🧡 @ammikaaa I love you girl ❤️’

One follower said, ‘Orange looks good on you @ammikaaa 🔥❤️’ and one commenter posted this: ‘@ammikaaa ❤️ I love that you do a lot … and you look really amazing and beautiful as always.’

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One fan said, “Is this sponsored? Because the people who tag you never repost you ‘and another follower said,’ Orange looks so nice on you, Ammika. ‘

One fan said, “Meek deserves her own collaboration with @prettylittlething, she’s like a Style ICON Cmon guys,” and another follower posted this, “You look great!”

In other breaking news, Ammika Harris shows a lot of skin in her latest pics. Check them out below.

Someone commented, “You really made up for us petite girls. I love it! Thank you 🙏🏾💜 ‘and another follower said:’ My opinion when I read your caption 😂 ‘

Ammika also shared a video showing Aeko, she, and Chris Brown Son ‘is already a young man. Check out the clip on their IG.

A follower said: “Such a wonderful mom! When I saw that, I had to smile and another follower posted this message: ‘Why is he growing up so fast? 😫😭❤️’

Plus, it was revealed not long ago that Ammika Harris flaunted her beach body in this revealing swimsuit. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

Stay tuned for more news about Ammika, Chris Brown and their little boy Aeko!

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