Baby Born On A Bathroom Stall In Texas

A bundle of joy was delivered in a bathroom stall over the weekend.
Kaitlyn Fullerton welcomed her second child while they were headed back from Houston to Victoria. She said that when she needed to push she thought it was just Braxton Hicks contraction or was just an urge to relieve herself.

Sergio Mancera, Kaitlyn’s husband, then pulled over on a gas station in Beasley, Texas. He said that he was on the phone when all of a sudden a woman showed up and said that his wife has given birth to their son.

This incident left a lot of bystanders in shock and worry. Women in the bathroom became concerned for the mother’s well-being when they sensed that something’s not right. When they opened the door, they got the surprise of a lifetime. Kaitlyn then asked one of the women to inform her husband of what has transpired.

Sergio couldn’t believe what happened and grab his other son. With his son in tow, they ran to the bathroom to see his wife and their new born on the stall .

Kaitlyn and the baby were taken to Sugar Land Hospital for further examinations. The couple then posted the video on Tiktok, which has received million views on the social media platform.

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