Britney Spears criticizes her loved ones for their false support and fans believe she was talking about her sister, Jamie Lynn!

The star took to their platform to seemingly beat up her sister Jamie Lynn Spears after she shared a message of support during her battle for the conservatories. Check out what Britney Spears had to say!

In Britney’s latest post, she draws the “people” closest to her to publicly express the allegedly insincere support that she has had the “nerve” to.

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While she didn’t drop names, fans are more than convinced she was referring to both her sister Jamie Lynn and her mother Lynne.

The singer posted a quote picture that reads, “Never forget who ignored you when you needed them most and who helped you before you had to ask.”

In addition, she wrote her own caption in which she called on all those who did not help her when she had the feeling that she was “drowning”.

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“There’s nothing worse than when people who are closest to you who have never shown up for you just post things about your situation, whatever that is, and then sincerely ask for support. How can the people you love the most dare to say something … did they reach out their hand to lift me up then !!! ??? How dare you make it public that it IS you NOW, did you hold out your hand to me as I drowned ???

She went on, “NO … well, if you read this and know who you are … and actually have the nerve to say something about my situation just to save face publicly.” If you want to post something…. Please stop the righteous approach when you are so far from being righteous that it isn’t even funny. ‘

As mentioned earlier, Britney didn’t mention any names in her post, but it didn’t take much effort for followers to realize that she was most likely talking about her mother and sister.

Jamie Lynn especially fits in as she actually released a public statement to show her support for Britney, but only after the singer finally spoke out about the abuse of the conservatoires for the first time.

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