Caltrans shares video of Caldor Fire burning along Highway 50

– Update: Find out about the Caldor fire from there Eldorado National Forest.
– Information line: 530-303-2455
– Evacuation: Get the latest information from there US Forest Service and from a map posted by El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.
– Four: Get out of there Forest Service.

The California transportation agency shared video footage Tuesday of flames from the Caldor fire burning on Highway 50, a main artery between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

Caltrans closed the highway between Sly Park Road and Meyers on Friday, and there are no estimated days for when it could reopen as the flame in Eldorado’s national forest continues to burn wildly.

The burning area of ​​the fire stood at 117,704 acres Tuesday morning with 9% restraint, the U.S. Forest Service you say.

Dana Walsh, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Forest Service, said Tuesday afternoon that uphill winds have pushed the fire to the northeast and tonight winds are shifting in a more favorable downhill direction with slow movements expected overnight lan.

“There was a lot of activity put in line today, doing some back burning especially in the Sly Park area – that’s in the northeast corner,” Walsh said. “We still have a lot of fire activity in the southwest corner of the Grizzly Flats area, near the point of origin of the fire. On the east side, it’s still progressing to the east. Tough access, hard terrain.”

Walsh said teams also established lines around a fire spot that started on the north side of Highway 50, threatening the community of Kyburz, on Saturday night.

The Caldor fire was lit in heavy wood in the Eldorado National Forest near the small town of Grizzly Flats south of Pollock Pines, burning a destructive path in the community of about 1,200 people. The resulting photos show an elementary school, a post office and houses turned into piles of ashes.

Cal Fire you say 455 single residents and 11 commercial properties were destroyed and damage assessments are still ongoing. A map of damaged structures available at Cal Fire.

US Forest Service officials announced a complete shutdown in the Eldorado National Forest through Sept. 30 because of the fire. The Rubicon Trail is also closed. The air quality plummeted in the region, and air quality index readings well over 300 near the lake and more than 400 in the Truckee area; anything over 150 is considered “unhealthy” and reading about 300 is “dangerous” for everyone.

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