Car takes accidental dive into Bay Area apartment complex’s pool

This puts a new meaning to Carpooling: A driver drove his car to the pool of an apartment complex in San Jose Tuesday afternoon.

The incident took place around 1:30 pm Tuesday on the 1300 block of Fruitdale Avenue in San Jose, per the San Jose Fire Department.

Fortunately, the adult driver, while visibly shaking from the car’s dive, was injured, the fire department said in a tweet. It was not identified by the San Jose Fire Department, who told SFGATE that the incident was likely “accidental in nature.” It remains unclear, however, what leads up to those moments before the dive.

Chances are: No one was inside the pool either, reported KTVU.

A spokesman for the San Jose Fire Department told SFGATE that the only damage was to the fence surrounding the pool and to the car itself.

It is also unclear if the car was removed from the pool again, as the spokesman said the fire department left the scene before conducting a removal process. For a tweet on the San Jose Fire Department account, they left at 1:45 pm, 15 minutes after they arrived.

SFGATE news editor Amy Graff contributed to this report.

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