Khiching And the Tourist Attractions :               Odisha is famous throughout the world for her rich cultural heritage and beautiful temples. A group of temples and other archaeological remains belonging to medieval period are of great interest and tourist attractions of the place. Khiching in Mayurbhanj district became a flourishing centre of art under … Read more


Woman is the builder and moulder of a nation’s destiny. Because it has been experimented more than once that though delicate and soft as lily. But she has a heart stronger and bolder than that of her male counter part. Many women have proved themselves more dynamic, more vibrant and more sincere in many fields … Read more

From Kalinga to Odisha – A Sequence in Naming!

 Odisha was variously known as Kalinga, Utkal, Odra and Kosala with geographical variations owing to the change of political entity under different dynasties. With the beginning of the historical age in 6th century B.C. Kalinga was already a major powerful kingdom under Indian political system.  Kalinga was parceled out into a number of petty political … Read more

Impact of Odisha’s Maritime trade in India!

Import and Export Aricles:           The articles of export from Odisha during the British period were coconut, betel-nut, oilseeds, rice, forest products, handi-crafts, turmeric, dried fish, salt etc. Crystalized sugar manufactured in the Aska sugar factory by meesers Minchin & co. formed the principal item of export to foreign countries from the Gopalpur port.           … Read more

History of Ports – 18 Oldest Ports that Lives in Odisha!

At the advent of nineteenth century, with the coming of the Britishers there was a great change in the economic field of Odisha.  It is revealed from the British records that they possessed a good number of ports in Odisha like (1)False point, (2)Balasore, (3)Dhamarah, (4)Chandbali, (5)Suvernarekha, (6)Lychanpur, (7)Churaman, (8)Baruva, (9)Puri, (10)Chhanua, (11)Sartha, (12)Bavanipadu, (13)Chilika, … Read more

History of Language Politics in Odisha!

 For the delimination of proposed Odisha Province O’Donel committee was set up in 1931. Two other members were H.M. Mehta of Bombey and T.R. Phookun of Assam, a part from K.C. Gajapati represented Odisha as associated member.  Sachidananda Sinha represented Bihar, C.V. Narasimha Raju represented Telgu and B.C. Mukharjee from Bengal. The terms of reference … Read more

History of Cuttack, Odisha (Updated)

 The 1930’s witnessed the most remarkable phase of resurgent Orissa particularly due to the wide spread Oriya movement for unification.  Oriya nationalist papers like Asha17 and Nabeen18 from Berhampur, Utkala Dipika19 and Samaj from Cuttack presented the issues in a forceful manner. The Oriyas described it as life and death issue (Jibana Marana Samasya) in … Read more

Life Times of Madhubabu – Odisha History

 The above success whetted the cupidity of the than dignitaries a decisive step forward in the direction of their mission. Now Madhubabu made persistent efforts for the re-unification of all scattered Odia speaking areas.  He appealed all Odias of Sambalpur, Ganjam, Cuttack, Balasore etc. to join the Utkal Union Conference for the formation of Odishan … Read more