Customer at Bay Area sushi spot allegedly spews racial hate

The Palo Alto Police Department confirmed that it is investigating a reported hate incident where a man allegedly spews race races at the owner of a popular sushi restaurant August 1.

Sergeant. Brian Philip, a spokesman for the department, said officers were sent for a disturbance of Fuki Sushi on El Camino Real on 1 August.

Philip said the investigation is continuing, but it appears the customer went on an “elusive race” using “humiliating language.”

The incident occurred when the customer went to pay with cash and was warned that the restaurant only accepts electronic payments, owner Fuki Sushi and Palo Alto native Lumi Gardner wrote in a shared statement on Facebook.

When the client did not accept the server’s explanation, Gardner intervened.

Gardner wrote in his account of the incident “He immediately started screaming at his server, ‘THIS IS UN-AMERICAN, IT’S ILLEGAL FOR YOU NOT TO ACCEPT QUESTIONS,’ repeated,” “His server was startled by his explosion and politely redirected his resources to me, to the reception area. “

Gardner said he went on to say that he would be happy to accept cash to avoid a dangerous situation. He reported that he continued to scream that he could not understand it in his mask, and asked, “WHERE ARE YOU BORN? YOUR COUNTRY! YOU DON’T PAPER THERE! WE DON’T WANT YOU THERE!” He wrote in the statement.

The customer tried to leave without paying, Gardner wrote.

Philip said the situation is classified as a hate incident and the investigation will determine whether he will be bred to a hate crime charge.

Palo Alto Online te among the first media to report on the incident and said the restaurant has been in the Gardner family for three generations.

Sushi Fuki was not immediately available to comment on this story.

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