Cynthia Bailey shares an uplifting message for fans

Cynthia Bailey shared uplifting news for her fans. Check out the post she posted on her social media account.

‘”Keep moving towards your goal and following your dreams. you are you and that is your power. ”💫 # modelmonday #miamifashionweek #tb #skinnycynt #model #modellife“, Cynthia titled her contribution.

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Someone said, ‘I needed that today !!! Thank you for speaking life back into my dreams. By the way, this picture is 🔥🔥 ‘

One follower said: ‘Gm nice I didn’t know you still looked your good’ and someone else posted this: ‘Skinny Cynthia was always fat!

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One commenter said, “Beautiful as always !!! But it’s the headline for me !!! 🙌🏾 ‘and one commenter posted this:’ That inspires me this morning. ‘

Someone else said, “Keep it up, Mz.Cynthia Bailey, you are doing so well, you look FABULOUS !!!” and one commenter wrote, “You look amazing.”

Cynthia Bailey get a gift for which she is more than grateful. Check it out here.

‘Thank you # meettheblacks2 for my film gift box! @itsmikehill & I love our “Meet the Hills” doormat and @ring doorbell. We can’t wait to see the film !!! 💫 ‘, she captioned her post.

Cynthia shared a post with the love of her life, Mike Hill.

‘DATE NIGHT WITH THE TUCKERS! I hope you had a nice fourth of July! Thank you @ todd167 & @kandi for inviting husband @itsmikehill & me to see the talented @anthonyhamiltonofficial last night. We had fun!! As long as I’ve known Kandi & Todd, I’ve never realized how in love and connected they are. As we all know, they are very concerned with their families and their business (well, companies!) And I just never really paid attention to how they interacted with each other, ”she began her post.

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