Death toll in Truckee plane crash increases to 6

Officials said Wednesday, the number of people killed in a plane crash occurred near a golf course in Truckee, California, on Monday.

A Federal Aviation Administration crash report posted online Tuesday showed that there were four deaths, but Nevada County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Andrew Trygg confirmed Wednesday that six people had died.

The FAA report said the plane “crashed into unknown circumstances short of the runway and caught fire.”

The FA Bombardier CL 600 plane crashed while the pilot was trying to land at Truckee-Tahoe Airport at 1:18 pm, the FAA said in an email statement Monday.

A plane crashed near a golf course in Truckee, California, on July 26, 2021.

A plane crashed near a golf course in Truckee, California, on July 26, 2021.

Truckee Police Department

Truckee-Tahoe Airport you say in a statement posted on Facebook that the plane was approaching runway 11 “when it affected heavy terrain” adjacent to the airport along Reynold Way.

The names of those on board have not been released.

“We haven’t positively identified anyone on this plane,” Shannan Lalin, Nevada County’s condoner, said in a Monday night media briefing. “We haven’t disclosed any of the potential names or anything that … we’ve heard some surmising about some questions about who was on this plane. At the time, we haven’t confirmed any positive identification, so we will not disclose any information, and is also to ensure that we take care of the families of the victims that we were not notified because the victims were not notified. “

The plane burst into flames and triggered a small wildfire near Ponderosa Golf Course.

“There’s not much intact at the crash scene,” Moon said.

Firefighters set fire immediately, and authorities said there was no threat to Truckee. Some residents living on Stewart Court and Reynold Way were evacuated, according to the Sierra Sun..

There were no people on the ground injured or damaged structures.

“We are very fortunate that he landed where he did and that no structures or people on the ground were injured,” said Deverie Acuff, a spokeswoman with the Truckee Police Department.

Officials did not share the aircraft’s origin, but on the report, the FAA listed the tail number, which can be used to view the aircraft’s activity recordings. The plane was traveling from Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, according to Flight aware.

While the Tahoe Basin was affected by wildfire smoke Monday, an airport spokesman said the conditions did not restrict aircraft from landing or taking off at the airport.

The plane made radio contact with the tower before it crashed, but what was said was not shared.

The Truckee airport has announced it will be closed until Tuesday. Truckee Police Department you say Reynold Way closed.

This aircraft model can hold up to 14 passengers and two crew members, Acuff said.

National Transportation Security Board you say the incident is under investigation.

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