Dia Mirza on challenges she faced during pregnancy: ‘Sudden appendectomy, serious bacterial infection’

With grace, poise and dignity, actor Dia Mirza has managed to overcome the innumerable bumps that life has thrown her way. Today she announced the news of her premature son Avyaan Azaad Rekhi. She revealed that he was born on May 14 and has been in neonatal ICU ever since.

It was clearly not an easy time for her, as she had undergone appendectomy during her pregnancy, followed by a subsequent serious bacterial infection. “Sudden appendectomy during my pregnancy and a subsequent and very serious bacterial infection could have led to sepsis and have been life-threatening. Fortunately, the timely care and intervention by our physician ensured the safe birth of our baby via emergency cesarean section,” Dia wrote.

Yet it is not the first time that Dia Mirza exudes such quiet dignity during a turbulent phase.

In 2019, she announced her divorce from Sahil Sangha, after being together for 11 years. The two released a joint statement saying they would remain friends and respect each other.


— Dia Mirza (@deespeak) August 1, 2019

Dia wrote: “After 11 years of sharing our lives and being together, we have collectively decided to part ways. We remain friends and will remain there for each other with love and respect. Although our travels can take us on different paths, we are eternally grateful for the bond we share.” Still, she made it clear that they would not comment further on it, and made it clear that there would be no ugliness or mud-slinging.

In February 2021, she married Vaibhav Rekhi after dating him for over a year.

The ceremony was intimate and led by a female priest. Dia shared a photo on her social media, thanking her: “Thank you Sheela Atta for leading our wedding ceremony. So proud to be able to achieve #RiseUp #GenerationEquality together.” The ceremony was also environmentally friendly and no plastic was used, as Dia emphasized.

After the wedding, the couple got out to meet the photographers who had been waiting for hours and hand them candy.

However, social media comes with the unwanted baggage of trolls. While other celebrities hit back at their vitriol, Dia Mirza maintains a dignified demeanor. When she faced a lot of poison in April for announcing her pregnancy, she had an answer. After being asked why she didn’t make the announcement and broke stereotypes, as she did with a female priest who presided over her wedding, she replied that they weren’t getting married because they were having a baby together.

Dia Mirza reacted to a troll (Picture: Instagram/ Dia Mirza)

“Interesting question. First, we didn’t get married because we had a baby together. We were already getting married because we wanted to spend our lives together. We found out we were going to have a baby while we were planning our wedding. This marriage is not the result of a pregnancy. We didn’t announce the pregnancy until we knew it was safe (medical reasons). This is the happiest news of my life. I’ve waited many years for this to happen. way I would hide it for a reason other than a medical one,” she wrote.

Dia Mirza may be polite and dignified, but she always gets her point across.

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