Dove Cameron speaks openly about her split with Thomas Doherty – “I’ve been in a really bad place”

The Disney actress admitted that her breakup with Thomas Doherty last year really impacted her and also let fans know about their relationship too!

As it turns out, Dove Cameron’s very public 2020 breakup really messed her up and she touched on all of that in a new interview.

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The two ended their romance in December 2020, and Dove didn’t hesitate to admit that the loss of Thomas left her in a really dark place while chatting with Entertainment Tonight.

“I went through a really public breakup last year and was in a really bad place, like a really, very bad place,” she shared.

What made this worse for them was that it happened during the pandemic. While this was happening in her life, she remained isolated at home and had no way of getting to her usual support system from friends and family.

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“I was alone during the pandemic. Nobody could come out and visit me, and I couldn’t leave Canada and everything was closed. So I really struggled to work this through. The breakup got me down. It was really hard, and I needed something that would take me from where I was grieving to the other side. ‘

Fortunately, she still had a way to deal with the pain and that was through music!

The actress channeled all of her sadness into her new single titled LazyBaby, a song she described as “kind of satirical, comedic, [and] uplifting.’

Dove even told the point of sale that her ex actually loves the song and hears it all the time!

“I sent it to him before it came out and he’s still sending me voice memos.”

Nonetheless, she confirmed that their relationship is still “very friendly” and that they still “love each other very much”.

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