Erica Mena shows off a beautiful outfit and fans are proud of her strength

Erica Mena just shared a great outfit on social media and people are proud of the strength she has shown these days. As you probably know, she and Safaree split up and reportedly filed for divorce.

Someone said: ‘Dear @iamerica_mena so much @mrkandeeshoes darling #KandeeGirl ❤️🔥😍’ and one commenter wrote this: ‘My role model! You are so beautiful 😢❤️ ‘

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A fan posted this message: ‘Sexy pregnant lady! ❤️’ and a follower said: ‘Always beautiful rock outfits mena I love you ❤️queen.’

A fan posted this: ‘Let’s have our son, now let’s wait 🥰’ and a follower said, ‘Based on the growing bump it looks like it’s a boy (I could be SO wrong but lol) ‘Babygirl Safire can be a sandwich & protected by her brothers 😍💙’

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A follower posted this message: ‘Have you thought about clearing it up with your husband?’ and a follower said: ‘Gorgeous Queen @iamerica_mena, you are brave and strong, don’t let anyone tear you down.’

One fan wrote: “@iamerica_mena Stay glowing and growing mom. Your guardian in heaven is proud of you! Keep gathering strength from your happy place. You and @adizthebam do wonderful jobs. God bless you and your little one Erica.❤️❤️❤️ ‘

And a follower said: ‘Party in the background😍 family business in front 😍’

Erica Mena ‘s fans offer their support during their breakup. at Safaree . Check out her post below and check out some of the messages from her fans.

“Thank you, I’ll pick up the broken pieces,” said Erica of her post.

Someone said to Erica, “May God continue to bless you and your family. Pregnancy is a wonderful beautiful scary time. I know what it feels like to be pregnant and experience drama. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 ‘

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