Eva Marcille raves about Mike Sterling on social media – check out the photo she shared of him

Eva Marcille raved about Mike Sterling on IG. Check out the post she shared to honor her husband.

‘Hey @miketsterling #familyman #lawman #TexasBorn #MINE 💍💍’ Eva added a subtitle to her post.

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Someone said, ‘Why can I hear .. this is your man? Yes, that’s mine and I’ll stay next to him, “and another commenter said,” He’s so handsome that but this woman is the truth “”

One follower said, ‘When you said you were in the suburbs of Wendy I felt that 😂’ and someone else posted this: ‘You have a beautiful family.

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Another fan posted this message, “Yeah, that’s Eva’s husband and I’m sticking with it.” And one commenter said, “I didn’t know he was from Texas! Texas has the best gentlemen from the south! I also have a … married for 21 years !! ❤️ ‘

One fan said, ‘Mike looks like @duttypaul in this selection’ and someone else said, ‘It’s the Texas Born and Mine for me !!!!! ‘

Another follower said this: “Yes, I love you both as a couple. Very nice family. Much blessings to you all. ️. Stand by your husband.

Someone else posted this message: “You are the best couple, both are amazing 🔥❤️”

Another fan said, “You have to be a boss, a gas station owner, or a karate master to get your ankles free. Either way …… I respect it “and someone else posted this:” Hide it from this woman who loves to open her leg to married men. “

In addition, Eva Marcille tells her fans and followers that they should know her story. Check out the post she shared on her Memorial Day social media account.

Eva wrote this: ‘Happy Memorial Day 💪🏾 Know your story’ and someone else said, ‘I posted the same thing .. our education was so lacking. They were so weird and racist in their knowledge sharing that is so important to us Helping People Stay awake and see that we are all part of American history. ‘

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