Fahadh Faasil on Malik, and 50 Movies He Didn’t: ‘I’m Here Because of Them’

Fahadh Faasil made his acting debut with the 2002 romantic drama Kaiyethum Doorath. The baby-faced hero with pancake makeup looked like he didn’t belong in the movie industry. After receiving much criticism for the film, he quit acting and moved to the United States. Many must have thought that this was the end of Fahadh’s rendezvous with cinema.

During his stay in America something changed. Perhaps Fahadh realized that he was not in the wrong industry, but in the wrong movie. After he came back, he never preferred pancake makeup or movies that demanded he put it on. He became real. Rather than trying to fit into the predefined image of an industry star, he picked up roles that enabled him to perform. “I chose movies I believed in. I think I’m only here because I didn’t make the other 50 movies,” Fahadh told indianexpress.com.

This focus has established him today as one of the best actors in the country, but he refuses to take all the credit. “It’s teamwork,” he says. “I think it’s a process of constant interactive sessions. The film has to grow with you. The idea of ​​moving as a team is to complement and compensate each other. This way you know where you are and what it is like around you. And then you don’t repeat yourself.”

Fahadh exploded onto the national stage as a unique talent with films like Take Off, Maheshinte Prathikaram, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, Njan Prakashan, Kumbalangi Nights, Super Deluxe, CU Soon and Joji. His rise as an actor and the huge peak in Malayalam cinema’s popularity across the country, propelled by the new crop of actors and filmmakers, happened simultaneously.

Fahadh is considered a “messiah” of contemporary Malayalam cinema. “I don’t consider myself anything that comes close. I function as a team and do not do these things alone. It is a collaboration with many other talents. It’s a good time for Malayalam cinema and not just for me,” he added.

Fahadh is currently waiting for the release of his crime thriller Malik. The trailer suggested Malik will be a violent, mafia drama. Fahadh, however, felt that the film has more to offer.

“Violence is just a little Malik. The film is more about love, friendship and celebration. There are many elements to the story. The film tells about the 30 years of history of a community. It is packed with human emotions. I believe this is the kind of movie that will be watched repeatedly,” Fahadh added.

Malik marks Fahadh’s third collaboration with director Mahesh Narayanan after Take Off and CU Soon. The film also has a huge supporting cast including Nimisha Sajayan, Joju George, Vinay Forrt, Dileesh Pothan, Indrans and others.

Malik premieres on Amazon Prime Video on July 15.

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