Gay couple harassed in downtown San Francisco

A man harassed a gay couple and insulted racism in San Francisco this weekend, leading them to seek shelter in a hotel, video of the event shows.

“I’m not racist. I served this damn country,” the man, wearing a blue jacket and shorts, called to the couple in the videos. “So I’m not racist. I don’t like you f-king Asian mother-kers in my country.”

KTVU reporter Henry Lee found the foot of the incident, which took place on 7th Street and Sunday afternoon walk.

Clips shared on Twitter and KTVU show the man insulting the couple while walking down the street.

“I’ll whop her f-king ass and worthless f-king ass,” she told the couple in the video, later adding, “your mother was worthless because she didn’t regret your ass abortion.”

She shouted, “I don’t like you motherf-kers.” “You better back the fk up!”

One of the victims and a witness at the scene recorded the incident, which ended just outside of the San Francisco Good.

“You can call 911 whatever you want, you motherf-ker,” he told them in the video, as the couple entered the hotel to escape the harassment.

“You Asian piece of st!” he shouted at them before the recording began, KTVU reported.

In a second recording of the incident, another witness approached the man as he walked, and he wanted to speak. “Hey brother,” the witness said, which the harassment replied, “I’m not your brother.”

San Francisco police did not immediately respond to a request for comment from SFGATE.

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