Here’s how bad smoke will be in the Bay Area Monday

Provide the District’s Air Quality Management Area bay a supply of the Air alert in tandem with an air quality warning for smoke from Sunday through Monday as meteorologists predict a delayed light haze over the region due to wildfires and high regional temperatures.

Tina Landis, a spokeswoman for the district, said district air quality will either end or extend the advisory with alerts around 11 am or 12 pm Monday.

Landis told SFGATE “” So far today what we’re worried about is the ozone or smog rally in the eastern part of the Bay area as well as Santa Clara Valley due to higher temperatures mixed with smog cars and wildfire smoke in the air, “Landis told SFGATE.

Brooke Bingaman, a metologist with the National Weather Service in Monterey, noted observations of near-surface smoke in the Bay area Monday morning.

“In terms of the forecast for smoke closer to the surface, there’s definitely going to be at least light levels of smoke today,” he said. “The problem is we had more dense smoke well in the north of us, and high pressure just sat there, some of which smoke could loop around.”

He added that the moderate light to surface smoke is expected to linger in the region for the next few days. The NWS does not make accurate air quality forecasts more than 48 hours in advance.

Bingaman said people in the Bay Area will likely “notice the smoke.” It encourages people to monitor air quality resources in their areas to ensure they are maintaining safety.

According to the air quality district, the Spare Air alerts “provide air pollution ozone (smog) forecast to reach unhealthy levels.”

“If smoke centers are present, it is important for Bay Area residents to protect their health by avoiding exposure,” the air district said. “If possible, stay inside with windows and doors closed until smoke levels drop, if temperature allows.”

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