Jason Sudeikis Talks About His Breakup With Olivia Wilde – Says He’s Still Processing It!

It’s been no less than 8 months since Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis made their breakup public and now the man is talking about it! Check out what he had to say!

The actor broke his silence over their breakup in a new cover story for the August issue of GQ.

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As it turns out, he still feels like he’s still not completely clear about the end of their relationship, so many months after the breakup.

“I’ll have a better understanding in about a year of why in about a year, and an even better one in 2, and an even bigger one in 5, and it will go from a book about my life to a chapter.” on just one paragraph on just one line on one word on a scribble, ”the SNL alum explained in an interview.

Until then, however, Jason is apparently just trying to learn something valuable about himself from the end of the relationship.

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“It’s an experience that you either learn from or apologize from. You take responsibility for what you do, but you also try to learn something beyond the obvious. “

It was originally reported that Sudeikis and Wilde ended their seven-year engagement in early 2020, but during that interview he confirmed that they actually broke up in November, so it’s still pretty new.

Jason and Olivia share two children so they will always be in each other’s lives.

In January of this year, Wilde was spotted holding hands with her current flame, Harry Styles!

The two were working together on their film Don’t Worry Darling and they seemed connected and fell in love!

They kept their romance as private as possible, but the paparazzi still often catch them packing up their PDA on vacation.

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