Kandi Burruss reveals to fans that the CHI series is behind them

Kandi Burruss revealed to her fans and followers that the CHUI series is back. Check out what she said to her fans on social media.

Someone said, ‘🙌🏽 I thought the last episode was the season finale’ and another follower wrote, ‘I finally waited on the edge of my seat 😂.

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Another follower said, “Yeah, I owe myself 2 episodes for this shit you all drew lmfao 🤣” and one follower said, “So Octavia will go to Chi-Town or @iamtabithabrown when Keisha tries to get her baby back ? “

One follower said: “I don’t usually post anything, but Kandi praises you and your team on branding. Lots of these celebs could top your playbook a bit !!! ❤️ ‘and someone else posted this:’ I’ve seen it before and it was so good. Can’t wait until next week! ‘

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Someone else said, “Good episode, if not my favorite of the season. Was kind of slow. Missed seeing Roselyn on this episode too. Hopefully this is the only episode she doesn’t appear. I need my Roselyn fix, LOL. ‘

One fan said: “Bible: In your hearts set Christ holy (and acknowledge him) as Lord. Always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who prompts you to answer for the hope that is in you, but do so politely and respectfully. (And make sure) that your consciousness is complete (unimpaired) so that those who abuse you and revile your right behavior in Christ can be ashamed (GIVE YOUR GOOD LIFE)). It’s on. It is turned off. It’s canceled. Stupid thoughts.’

Another follower posted this: “It’s about time. I’ve already looked at it. How did you all go not playing on July 4th but playing during June 10th? This is a black show, so why not respect the black holidays instead of just the white ones? Please point me in the direction of who to email to get this heard! ‘

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