Kanye West and Irina Shayk – One Month After Their Romantic Relationship In Their Relationship!

A month after Kanye West spent his 44th birthday in France with none other than Irina Shayk, an inside report revealed whether the two are still going strong or not! As it turns out, their romance has already cooled down!

That’s true! It looked like the rapper moved away from Kim Kardashian very quickly after their divorce, but in reality what he shared with Shayk may have been nothing more than a short-lived affair!

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A source told Page Six that Irina likes him as a boyfriend but doesn’t want a relationship with him, adding that Ye also invited her to a couture show in Paris, but she refused to come along.

Apparently the reason she said no was because she didn’t want the public to think they were going to meet.

After all, she reportedly enjoys being single and prefers not to be associated with anyone.

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This update comes after the two made headlines earlier in June when they looked “very much like a couple” in a hotel in France.

They “smiled and strolled” around the site and initial reports insisted that they were “100 percent romantic” together.

A source told HollywoodLife at the time that their romance was “not yet” serious at all.

They also said that Irina was “charmed by Kanye’s understanding of the fashion world” while Kanye loved that she too “knew and was creative and well respected in this world.”

But since the first reports about them in Paris it has become quiet around the two.

In the meantime, they have been seen doing their own thing a few times, apart but never together again!

For example, Kanye was vacationing with his kids while his ex-wife Kim took time off from parenting and went on vacation alone!

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