KUWTK: Khloe Kardashian talks about her daughter being true to being a “woman of color”

Khloe Kardashian is the mother of a black daughter, and she recognizes that given the state of our world, she carries a variety of different responsibilities. With this in mind, the reality TV star thinks it is her “duty” to expose “as much inclusion and diversity as possible” while raising her.

During a recent interview on the Role Model Podcast with Leomie Anderson, Khloe didn’t shy away from “difficult conversations” such as teaching her daughter what it means to be a “woman of color” in the United States.

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“I will always learn and try to be the best I can when I am their mother. I’m not a black woman myself, but I want her to get as much inclusion and variety as possible. I don’t want her to live in a bubble. [Because] We live this privileged life. I want her to know and be aware of all types of life and all types of life, ”the Kardashian said.

She also took this opportunity to show some gratitude to her late father, Robert Kardashian, and credit him for teaching her and her siblings about the “realities of life”!

Khloe believed that these kinds of conversations with his children would “make them fail”.

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In addition, she is aware that her sisters have a strong support system while accompanying them on this journey.

“The nice thing about having some of my sisters in the same situations is that we can have these conversations together. True will grow up surrounded by love but still aware that she is a woman of color. I just need to raise them the best I can and educate myself at the same time. It is our duty as parents to expose them while having their parents ‘security to communicate this to them and still guide and help them.’

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