Leyna Bloom is the first trans woman to feature on Sports Illustrated

Leyna Bloom is celebrating an important success these days. Check out the post The Shade Room posted on their social media account.

“A # SportsIllustrated cover is one of the most sought-after in the world, and the ladies are making history out here with the magazine! While #MeganTheeStallion celebrates being the first female rapper to appear on the cover, #LeynaBloom is proud to reveal that she is the first trans woman to pose for the first page of the release! ‘ TSR notes.

TSR continues, saying, “In an Instagram post, Leyna expresses her deepest gratitude for the opportunity to break through glass ceilings for the women in her community. Posing in a gorgeous white swimsuit, Leyna says she feels humble and honored to grace the cover. ‘

“This moment heals a lot of the pain in the world,” said Leyna. ‘We deserve this moment; we’ve waited millions of years. ‘

Someone said, ‘Damn it, I thought they’d give Meg her moment 🤦🏾‍♂️’ and a follower posted this: ‘💀 can’t even say nun, because then suddenly I’m against lgbtq.’

A follower said: ‘Let’s be real, all the men who would have seen their picture without the context would just have been thirsty, quit because you crave trans women all the time and don’t even know it.’

One commenter said, “This is a real problem for REAL US women here, omg !!! SERIOUS and the men just don’t know what’s real anymore, now that it’s been advertised, “and another follower wrote this:” Being a woman is really just an outfit these days. Women will regret this in the future. ‘

One fan said, “And just like that Megan shine was taken from this madness.”

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