Liam Payne and Maya Henry break off their engagement!

Ten months after their engagement was announced Liam Payne and Maya Henry are over! The couple decided to split up and the former A direction Member admitted that he is simply “not very good at relationships”.

During a new interview, the singer confirmed that he broke off his engagement to Maya Henry less than a year later, but didn’t mention when exactly that happened.

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Chatting with Steven Bartlett, the host of The Diary Of A CEO on YouTube, he didn’t hesitate to say that he is single at the time.

Not only that, he also expressed regret over his role in the breakup, admitting that he is very “disappointed” in hurting not only Maya but all of his other exes in the past.

“I just wasn’t very good at relationships. I know what my pattern of relationships is at this point in time. I’m just not good at her. I have to work on myself more before I can confide in others. I just didn’t give a very good version of myself and I didn’t appreciate or like myself. I feel better about it. I didn’t feel good about what I was doing, but it had to happen. It was best for both of us. ‘

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That’s true! Liam confirmed that he was the one who broke up with Maya, but insisted that he did it because he knew he “was the problem”.

Speaking of self-improvement and self-discovery, the singer revealed that after years of resistance, he is finally in therapy and is actually enjoying it very much.

“I think for me my life was so controlled up to a point and it is dictated by everyone else” [my] Life. You come to a point where you need to take some control over yourself. Until I started, I lived for everyone else. My life wasn’t about serving myself, and that put me in a bad position, ”he said.

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