Liam Payne talks one-way about his darkest moments – talks about addiction and suicidal thoughts!

Liam Payne opened in about its time A direction , admitted it was bad enough that he drank a lot and took pills just to cope with the pressure and uncertainty. That’s right, while on Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO podcast the singer was really frank about some of his darkest moments.

While chatting with the host, he recalled a certain image of him celebrating on a boat and referred to that time as his “pill and alcohol phase”.

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He went on to say that his face was ten times bigger than it is now. The problem was that the best way to secure us was to just lock us in a room, and what is in the room? A minibar. ‘

That being said, fame at such a young age and many other related factors resulted in Liam abusing harmful substances quite often, revealing that his coping behavior would last for years.

That, of course, hit him the worst!

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When asked by the moderator whether he was thinking of suicide at the time or not, the singer replied: “There are definitely some things that I’ve never talked about. It was really, really bad. ‘

Liam then revealed that at this point he had actually only been sober for a little over a month!

But this isn’t the first time he has spoken about his struggle with addiction.

A few years ago he also told the Guardian that there was a point where every day you didn’t know if it was going to be the end. It was always like this at every show. I was slowly losing the act. ‘

Liam has also been through a lot lately, making headlines over his breakup with fiancée Maya Henry.

The man admitted that he is “not very good at relationships”.

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