Lisa Rinna defends Erika Jayne after Camille Grammer dragged her to RHOBH for allegedly “false” crying!

After Camille Grammer cast a shadow over Erika Jayne for allegedly crying at RHOBH, Lisa Rinna defends her co-star! Check out what she had to say!

It all started when Erika became very emotional about her divorce and legal troubles on the July 14th episode of the reality TV show.

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The celeb cried on camera as he opened up to it all, and her former co-star later took to social media to suggest that the mascara that ran all over her face could have been avoided, but she did it on purpose for a plus in drama.

“We shot in the Bahamas for season nine and we all swam in the water. I don’t remember seeing EJ’s mascara after a swim. I’m just saying, ”Camille wrote in response to a fan who seemed to have a similar idea.

But Lisa quickly defended Erika and commented: “Oh, someone needs some attention, ok sweetie .. #YouAreStillAnA ** – OnTwitter.”

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This was an indication of the fact that Lisa Camille previously said she was quite an “A **” to people on social media.

The reason Erika broke down crying over the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is because she was accused of stealing settlement funds and faking her divorce just to hide assets.

But on the show’s latest episode, she insisted that she was completely unaware of her ex-husband’s legal troubles.

“I kept asking. But I was constantly being left out. I [pleaded], begged, I tried. I pushed as hard as I could until I just couldn’t anymore, ”she said about her lack of commitment and her knowledge of his illegality.

All in all, however, court documents state that Erika “was ready to cooperate fully” in the investigation.

The former couple ended their marriage late last year.

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