Man sets own car ablaze on I-80 to scare off ‘the bears’

It began with a call to California Highway Patrol around 5:30 am Thursday. There was a flame car on Interstate 80 near the Farad on ramps by the California-Nevada border.

When officers arrived at the scene of this incident altogether not strange, they found a man in his 30s shouting about “the bears,” said CHP-Truckee Officer Carlos Perez.

Officers then determined that the man had set his own car on fire to prevent the so-called bears, Perez said.

“Listen, we have bears in the area,” Perez said. “But there were no bears nearby.”

Officers rushed to put out the fire, as the car was surrounded by brushed hills, and then put the man under arrest. It is charged with arson and being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

“We still appreciate additional fire extinguisher training,” CHP said on Facebook, “but in case anyone asked, no you cant light a fire on your car hood to ‘keep the bears away.'”

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