Massive search for missing Bay Area runner yields nothing

Hundreds of professional seekers, dozens of law enforcement officers, search dogs, drones, planes equipped with thermal imaging equipment, hundreds more volunteers and nine long days in the East Bay mountains gave nothing away.

Philip Kreycik, a 37-year-old Berkeley runner who disappeared in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park on July 10, still has not been found.

“We really feel we have made an enormous effort to cover all possible scenarios over the past eight days,” Sergeant. Ray Kelly of the Alameda County sheriff’s office said in a statement on Sunday night. “Like the community, we are frustrated and confused that this massive effort is yielding no results. We feel we should get Philip right now.”

A glimmer of hope was quickly postponed after “cries “were heard in a canyon at the park on day 4. Despite a friend of Kreycik’s confirming the sound, authorities later said it was not the missing runner. A T-shirt was also found thrown over the weekend, but again, authorities have verified to a family member that it does not belong to Philip.

Philip Kreycik, 37, of Berkeley, California Photo shared on "Find Philip Kreycik" Facebook group.

Philip Kreycik, 37, of Berkeley, California Photo shared on “Find Philip Kreycik” Facebook group.

Facebook / Find Philip Kreycik

“We re-checked the areas we dug before that limited access. We wanted to go back to these difficult areas for 100% sure. These areas included shallow ravines and high angle rope teams crossing the steep terrain. we searched private property areas, adjacent to country parks, to make sure we were exhausting all possible scenarios, ”Kelly said in the statement. “We follow 72 hours worth of advice and lead from police and community reports.”

The Kreycik family still holds out hope that Philip may be alive but disoriented, perhaps in a barn or building. Residents were asked to check their property.

“I think the word says that your life can change in an instant. That’s exactly what happened to us,” Jen Yao, wife of Kreycik you on NBC News this weekend. “Your life can change just like that. I want everyone to embrace your family, take care of each other and help us bring it home.”

Meanwhile, a now 10,000 strong Facebook group member, Find Philip Kreycik, continues to organize research teams and advisors on next steps.

Kreycik, an analyst for PG&E and avid runners, parked his car near the Moller Ranch internship area around 11 a.m. on July 10, after telling his wife he was going for an hour run in the East Bay Regional Park. When he did not return home as expected, his wife reportedly disappeared at 2 pm Saturday. Her car was found quiet, with her wallet and cell phone in it, police say. It is unclear if Kreycik brought any water with him.

Temperatures in the area hit a soaring 105 degrees on the day Kreycik disappeared. The terrain of the park, which covers a large area between Pleasanton and Hayward in the East Bay Regional Park District, is rugged and steep, and the jacks are now without much water.

A strong runner with no known health conditions, Kreycik is described as white, with a thin build and brown hair and eyes. She was thought to be wearing running attire.

Sergeant. “Phillip is still missing and we want to find him.” Kelly added yesteday.

Anyone with information about Kreycik’s location is asked to contact the Pleasanton Police Department at 925-931-5100.

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