Money Heist makers share unseen BTS photos of Tokyo, The Professor and Lisbon, fans say ‘can’t wait’

Money Heist season 5 is less than 50 days away from its premiere. And as fans hold their breath for the big premiere on Netflix, the creators are taking them further on a nostalgic journey by sharing some behind-the-scenes photos from Netflix’s crime dramas last season 3.

The Instagram handle of its production banner, Vancouver Media, shared two BTS clicks Friday with Úrsula Corberó aka Tokyo, Álvaro Morte aka The Professor and Itziar Ituño aka Lisbon.

While Úrsula’s photo is from the first episodes of Money Heist season 3, when she leaves Rio behind to return to her wild life, the other is from the makeshift control room where The Professor and Lisbon coordinate things when the gang embarks on its second heist. starts at the Bank of Spain. You can see all the camera equipment and the crew members capturing these moments on the screen.

Vancouver Media also recently shared a photo of founder and La Casa De Papel of Money Heist creator Álex Pina sitting on the iconic staircase on the set of Bank of Spain, which is located in the lobby. Most of the action in seasons 3 and 4, including the hostage situation, Gandia breaking free from his handcuffs and shooting him by shooting Nairobi and Helsinki with her lifeless body, took place in this area.

Helsinki with Nairobi’s corpse was one of Money Heist’s most emotional scenes to date. (Photo: Screengrab/Netflix)

It’s certain that the creators have started a countdown to the release of the show’s fifth and final season. And sharing such BTS photos will only make the wait difficult for fans.

Money Heist 5 will be released in two parts. While part one will premiere on September 3, the second part will debut on December 3. It marked the finale of the globally popular show that first aired in 2017 on the Spanish TV channel Antena 3, before Netflix acquired its rights in 2019.

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