Mountain lion saved in California wildfire dies from unknown causes

A female mountain lion escaped last year Bobcat Fire died of mysterious causes, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed, “not far” from where he first escaped.

His body was found “at the bottom of a deep canyon,” according to the department, and was believed to have died August 15th. A field necropsy could not confirm its cause of death.

The mountain lion was first found in September, just weeks after the Bobcat Fire began its annihilation. He was found by a owner licking his severely burned claws in a yard in Monrovia, a suburb of Los Angeles County located in the San Gabriel Valley.

The cat, a female about 6 to 7 years old, was released in October 2020 from the wild with a satellite tracking collar and could live out of the San Gabriel Mountains for at least 10 months, the state agency said in a Facebook post. He was the first cat ever to be successfully treated and rescued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In the two cases he saw via trail cameras, the Department of Fish and Wildlife reported, he appeared to be healthy in both – including in one of which he was seen with a male cat.

The agency also noted that it successfully hunted deer after its release.

But absolutely, the short mountain lion – but successful – post-recovery life is proof that mountain lions can live in human communities safely for either.

“[The] data we received from her collar shows that she has lived successfully in the urban-wildland interface for almost a year, without ever being involved in human-mountain lion conflicts, ”the Department of Fish and Wildlife said in the post.

Wild mountain lions can live up to 10 years, the agency said.

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