NeNe Leakes unveils an exciting event taking place in their Linnethia Lounge

No leaks delighted her fans when she announced an exciting event in the Linnethia Lounge. Check out her post here.

‘LIVE ORDERS THURSDAY, JULY 22nd, 9:00 pm @thelinnethialounge ONE OF MY FAVORITES …… @keke_wyatt TAKE YOUR TICKETS FOR THE BRITE EVENT NOW. FOR PRIVATE SECTIONS & DINNER (3 options) (1) call the lounge directly after 3:30 p.m. daily at 678-691-8756 (2) email [email protected] (3) Come by in person to reserve after 5:00 p.m. daily. THE SEATS WILL GO FAST BECAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW KEKE GONE BLAS THE ROOF

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Someone said, ‘Nah, hire someone to call and email you back. Your space is beautiful and all interactions should reflect the same beauty 👍🏽 ‘and another follower said,’ Yes, follow the rules people 🤨 ‘

A follower said: ‘Come on, NeNe, that’s why you’re the boss and do boss moves!’ and another follower said, ‘Omg !! You’re all gone, all of you have goosebumps and are probably crying !! She is one of the best singers’

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One fan said, “Yassss, I just said Keke Wyatt should perform in the Linithia Lounge️”

No leaks calls all men. Check out the message she shared on her social media account below.

‘Wait, wait, wait … you’re coming out TODAY for Afro / Caribbean beats, right? @thelinnethialounge CALLING ALL MEN‼ ️ (Because we have the worst successful women in the building every day) All My Male AFRICANS, JAMAICANS, HAITIANS, CARIBBEAN, ISLAND MEN I want to see you in the building! TODAY IS FOR YOU! ‘ NeNe wrote.

No leaks ‘Linnethia Lounge is a great success. Check out the latest video she shared from the venue on her social media account.

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