Nicolas Cage reveals he’s no longer playing Joe Exotic on the previously announced Amazon series – here’s why!

Nicolas Cage is no longer portrayed Joe Exotic on an Amazon series, although previous reports heralded it! While fans were really looking forward to this project, which was inspired by Tiger King, the popular Netflix documentary, sadly they won’t get this series starring Nicolas Cage!

That’s true! In the chat with Variety, the actor announced that he is no longer involved in the limited Amazon series.

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In fact, the project itself isn’t happening either, so not only will he be portraying Joe Exotic, but most likely no one else either!

During the interview, he stated, “We should delete the record. I read 2 excellent scripts that I thought were excellent, but I think Amazon felt like it was material that has slipped into the past tense just because it took so long to get it all together. At some point you had the feeling that it was glowing in a bottle, but that point has now moved into the distance and no longer has any meaning. ‘

It’s safe to say that many fans will still be disappointed to hear about this development.

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You may remember that last April, when the world was still getting used to the pandemic and self-isolation, Tiger King became a phenomenon and many found a way out of the whole situation by watching it.

The following month the actor joined the project, so it’s safe to say that they started work when the documentary was very relevant.

It even seemed like the perfect casting since Nicolas Cage is such a meme and so is Joe Exotic!

Variety mentioned that it is still possible for the series to be taken over by another platform, but of course nothing is certain.

Would you like to see the series without the cage or not?

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