Nikki and Brie Bella show off their new identical haircuts!

The Bella twins have a brand new haircut and they both love it! That’s true! The sisters who were born the same day and had sons less than 24 hours apart now have another “twin goal” moment by sharing a matching fresh new haircut!

Nikki went to her platform yesterday to share a photo of her and Brie both rocking a shorter, layered look.

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Next to the picture she wrote: “Twinning Chic Cuts. Mom needed a new chapter hairstyle. Thanks @mandeepstylist, you are amazing! ‘

In the selfies she posted, Nikki and Brie Bella pose next to each other, both wear summery clothes and look as great as ever!

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Brie shared the same pics and subtitled her post as follows:

“I did such a fabulous #SisterSunday @regiisovalounge within 28 hours. Double haircuts. And a few stops at some of my favorite places! ! @bouchon_bistro @hestanhome @northblockyountville Now back to the mountains !!! ‘

Judging from this, it sounds like the identical twins had a great summer spa getaway while on vacation in Yountville, California.

Fans were quick to compliment them and their new haircuts in the comments section, and also admitted that it’s now hard for them to tell the twin sisters apart!

A follower told them on Nikki’s post: “You have never looked so much alike. I could always tell you apart easily. It’s hard now. ‘

‘I know right! Since they had their babies, I can’t tell them apart either! They shine! You both look beautiful! ‘ someone else agreed.

Others made sure to tell them how much they love their new hair and how beautiful it is too!

It is pretty clear that the Bella sisters both together and with their separated families have the time of their lives! What do you think of her twin hair?

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