Plagued by quarrels, Britney Spears’ bid for freedom returns to court

Three weeks after Britney Spears pleaded with a judge to have her life returned, her request for freedom returns to court on Wednesday with the conservatory governing her personal and business affairs, embroiled in litigation, dismissal and reports of death threats.

Spears, 39, looks no closer to ending the 13-year-old court-sanctioned conservatory she called abusive, stupid and embarrassing in an emotional speech in June.

The case returns to court in Los Angeles on Wednesday following bombshell comments from Spears in which she said she was prevented from remarrying or having more children, and said she wanted to choose her own attorney.

The singer has yet to submit the necessary legal documents to end the conservatory. Her court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham resigned last week and has not yet been replaced.

The judge is expected on Wednesday to consider the singer’s choice of a new lawyer to represent her, along with requests for 24/7 security after death threats against those involved with the conservatory, as public support for Spears has grown.

It’s not clear if the “Piece of Me” singer, who has undisclosed mental health issues, will participate in the hearing.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed legal documents in support of Spears.

“The court must ensure that Britney Spears has access to the tools she needs to make that choice in a meaningful way and to hire someone she trusts to advocate for her stated goal of coming under her guardianship.” says Zoe Brennan-Krohn, staff attorney at the court. ACLU’s Disability Rights Project, said in a statement.

Jodi Montgomery, who is responsible for the singer’s personal care, and the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, who has been in control of her estate since 2008, are bickering over who is responsible for the restrictions the singer complained about last month.

In a lawsuit last week, Montgomery accused Jamie Spears of “finger pointing and media attacks”, rather than working as a team to help the singer.

Jamie Spears, Montgomery, Ingham and the singer’s sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, have all received death threats that have escalated since the pop star’s speech in court on June 23, according to court documents.

Jamie Spears filed papers expressing concern about “dangerous rhetoric” surrounding the case, asking the court to investigate his daughter’s claims and give him a chance to respond.

Financial firm Bessemer Trust has asked to step down from its role in managing the singer’s $60 million estate, while the pop star’s 25-year-old manager resigned, saying Spears wanted to retire and take his services. were no longer needed.

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