Porsha Williams Addresses Mental Health – Read her message here

Porsha Williams left a message about mental health on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘You are a legend for using the new pitching wedge !!! 😂😂😂 ‘someone said and a follower posted this:’ Period !!!!!! I don’t go back and forth with anyone feeling! Feel how you feel !! Peace. ‘

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One commenter said, ‘Scorpios need this on our wrists’ and someone else posted this: ‘My mental health is too damn important to me.’

One commentator said, “Seriously. All of you are just too humiliating by trying not to humiliate yourself, ”and one follower said,“ Sounds like trouble to me in Paradise; as it should be! 🥱 ‘

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One fan posted this: “I was on that kind of energy. Believe me, I’ve never felt better, ”and someone else said,“ Lord, I’m learning! Learn and hurt at the same time. ‘

In other news, Porsha Williams announced that their daughter PJ has released an album. Check out what she’s talking about in the following post.

‘All Star Kid THE ALBUM is #NowAvailable on all platforms! 🎉🎉 My daughter’s album @ pilarjhena🎉🎉 !! Great Job @workwincelebrate & team ‘Porsha subtitled her post.

In addition, Porsha showed her fans and followers a new look. Check it out here.

‘I mean, yass glam @hairstylinswagg @sophslayz @alleyezongg wig: @gonakedhair (When good ass hair last fürevaaa) Season 1 Porsha 30 years old vs now 40 years old 🔥 # HairTestimony🙌🏾 6 year old wig’ she captioned her post.

Porsha Williams raves about her daughter and her posing style. Check out her pose below.

‘PILAR JHENA’ * PJ🌹🌹🌹 She literally crawled up there and turned around in that pose !! Naturally born star lol Makes my heart melt! I love you (Also 6.5MILLION FOLLOWERS WOW I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU!) 🛥 @pilarjhena ‘, Porsha titled her post.

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