Priyanka Chopra spied on Nick Jonas and her mother, refused to be his date for President Obama’s farewell: love story in 20 photos

The world has witnessed the fairytale romance of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas that culminated in a dreamy wedding in 2018. They belonged to different religions, cultures and even countries, they found love with each other and are considered one of the most popular couples around the world today.

Today, on Priyanka Chopra’s 38th birthday, we revisited her memoir that came out earlier this year. While she has written extensively about finding love in Nick, here I pick Priyanka and Nick’s sweetest moments.

Priyanka-Nick’s Failed ‘Best First Date’

You might assume the couple’s first date was all about romance, but the Barfi actor confessed that their first date had to be called off. And mind you, it could have been “a real winner” on a first date ever competition, but alas.

The actor wrote about the time when the two had been chatting for almost 15 months and Nick surprised her with a date offer. “Nick called unexpectedly to ask if I wanted to be his date at President Obama’s farewell party at the White House in January 2017. If there was a Best First Date Ever competition, it would be the absolute winner. Unfortunately, that’s not part of this story. Quantico ended filming and I couldn’t leave the set. Big disappointment.”

When Priyanka was concerned about the age difference with Nick

Post the Met, the two spent some time together, and although Priyanka sensed something was up, she was hesitant to move things forward. The reason is their age difference of 10 years.

She wrote: “Again, there was no kiss – and this time not even a pat on the back. But there was a lingering hug. I had had so much fun that night, and I was now very curious about this man. Although we were in the weeks and trying to connect months after the Met Gala never worked out Nick had been very clear that he wanted to take me out next time I was in LA but to be honest I was maybe a little hesitant about stuff intriguing as I found him, I knew that when I was ready to be with someone again, I wanted to be with someone who wanted a family. He was twenty-five and I was thirty-five, and I assumed he it didn’t, at least not soon.”

When Priyanka Revealed When She Fell In Love With Nick

Priyanka and Nick’s first date took place in May 2018. Recently, while promoting her memoir Unfinished, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas sat down to answer some questions from fans. While one fan asked, “When did you fall in love with me?” Nick said he was dying to know the answer.

Priyanka blushed and said, “Remember when I came to the studio after the Dodgers game?” Nick then nodded and said, “So we meet once, don’t see each other for a year, hang out again, then it’s another year before we say ‘let’s give this a shot’.”

“We’re going to the Hollywood Bowl, it’s a great, magical night. We’re going to the Dodgers game the next day, which was confirmation that this was no fluke and that we really liked each other,” added the singer-actor. Nick also revealed that they said “I love you” to each other within 48 hours of that day.

Priyanka said she was concerned about Nick’s diabetes

Like a sweet caring friend, Priyanka Chopra was concerned when she learned that Nick Jonas had diabetes. But when she saw how he cared about his health, she calmed down.

She wrote in her memoir, “During the first few weeks we met, Nick told me he had type I diabetes. I remembered seeing something about that when I googled him after he first contacted me in 2015, but I hadn’t thought about it too much. Once I understood what a serious condition it was, I found myself worrying about him almost constantly. Fortunately, that didn’t last long. As we spent more and more time together, I saw how extremely disciplined he was.”

When their date ended in a ‘platonic hug, pat on the back’

Priyanka shared an anecdote from one of their first encounters, saying that she met Nick for drinks a few days before their first Met Gala performance. Since she liked to spend time with him, she invited him home. Nick and his then-future mother-in-law had an awkward first meeting because they hadn’t informed her mother that she was having a guest home.

“All he remembers is walking into my rented duplex in anticipation of some romantic private setting, and seeing my mother curled up on the L-shaped sofa in the living room in her nightgown, watching TV – she was getting her nightly murder solution with an episode of Law & Order: SVU. Our favorite broadcast.

“Oh shit,” she said, in a shy whisper. I hadn’t warned her I was going to take anyone home. Oops.”

When Priyanka tried to spy on Nick and her mother

The actor wrote about the time Nick Jonas first visited India. Since she had to leave the house for work, she was concerned about what he would do in a strange city when Nick offered to take her mother, Madhu Chopra, out to dinner. However, it was not what she expected. “I immediately went into worrying mode. Why did he want to take my mom out for lunch alone? What would they be talking about? Would one of them accidentally say something that would embarrass me?”

That afternoon I sat in a meeting surrounded by twenty people and kept wondering what Nick and my mother were doing at the time. Unable to handle the tension any longer, I sent a member of my security team to take pictures of them at the restaurant they’d gone to—okay, spying on them—so I could study their body language with my Quantico skills. #Not proud.”

She later found out that Nick had taken her mother for lunch because he wanted her permission to marry Priyanka.

Priyanka and Nick’s Fat Wedding

The D-day for Priyanka and Nick fell on December 1, 2018. Their three-day wedding celebration was a combination of both Christian and Hindu wedding traditions. It took place in Jodhpur.

During a recent appearance for Telegraph’s Imposters podcast, Priyanka Chopra was asked if she secretly hoped the headlines surrounding her wedding would have read: ‘international global superstar Priyanka Chopra marries singer’? The actor burst out laughing and said, “No, because I don’t compete with my husband.”

“I’m extremely proud of the fact that Nick has as many hyphens as I probably am and the fact that we both come to the table as creatives and we rely on each other to get better every day, I don’t think either of we’re defined by each other. The media tries to do that more than we do,” she said, speaking on Telegraph’s Imposters podcast.

The pair was also trolled multiple times because Nick is 10 years younger than Priyanka.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the actor was once asked if the 10-year age gap between herself and Nick, 28, was a bigger “gap to bridge than any cultural differences”. The actor said neither was a hindrance.

“Nick went to India like a fish in water. But just like a normal couple, you need to understand each other’s habits and understand what likes each other. So it’s more of an adventure than trying to find hurdles. It wasn’t all that difficult,” she says.

In 2019, the couple once again hit the red carpet at the Met Gala together.

And there were many events, festivals and special occasions where we saw Nick and Priyanka side by side.

Priyanka and Nick have a lavish home in Los Angeles together. Her book also includes a photo of her ‘griha pravesh’ ceremony. “It was unusual to move into our new home during the quarantine, but we made the most of it, including a Griha Pravesh (house warming) ceremony,” she wrote.

As of now, Priyanka and Nick are the parents of their dogs – Diana, Gino and Panda and fans are treating their PDAs on social media over and over again.

The love story of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is a rather cinematic script.

I wish Priyanka Chopra a happy birthday!

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