Rahul Vaidya at wedding with Disha Parmar: ‘Can’t wait to see what we are like as husband and wife’

Due to the restrictions, weddings have lost some of their luster during the pandemic. But rely on Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya to create the dhoom-dhadaka of the fat Indian wedding in their upcoming nuptials. The pair are all set to say “I do” on July 16 in an intimate fling, but preparations are all over social media, making their fans feel like they are part of the shaadi.

Although Rahul and Disha have known each other for a while, while staying with Bigg Boss, he realized that he loved her. That’s where he proposed to Disha and she accepted. The Indian Idol singer, who recently photographed for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, interestingly announced his marriage shortly after returning from Cape Town. So does his love story have a connection to reality shows? While interacting with indianexpress.com, he confessed that he may have adored Disha, which made him realize how much he loves her.

“The fact is that I introduced her on a reality show. Once it was over, both families met and decided to set a date. Honestly, there are people who take their time, but we’re the kind who would rather get married than just date. We are both very similar as humans. So why should we delay to spend our lives together,” Rahul Vaidya said.

He went on to say that the time they spent together helped them understand each other better. “She knows me, I know her, we have understood each other well enough to put that beautiful stamp of the institution on our relationship. I can’t wait to have her by my side and start a family very soon.”

The Bigg Boss 14 finalist went on to share that he has enjoyed every stage with Disha – friendship and dating, and is looking forward to being her life partner. “Our relationship has been very organic and has always gone with the flow. I loved every moment with her and waiting to see how we are as husband and wife.”

When asked about that one quality in Disha Parmar that won his heart, the singer said: “She is so patient, understanding and there are many things. She is also a very simple person, just like me, and that makes it beautiful between U.S.”

With ‘The Dishul Wedding’ right around the corner, Rahul said it makes him shiver just thinking about all the preparations that still need to be done. “My clothes are still not ready. Invitations are still going out, we are lagging behind and we hope to resolve everything soon.”

After the wedding, Rahul and Disha also plan a sangeet/reception night on July 17, where their family and friends will have a chance to let their hair down.

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