Safaree’s fans continue to beat him up after he “left” his wife and children

Lots Safaree The star’s fans tell the star that he left his wife and children afterwards Erica Mena finally gave birth. He’s always posting all kinds of clips and pictures from the beach, and the guy is definitely having a great time.

His fans flood the comment section with popping messages telling him to be with his wife and kids instead of having all that fun.

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Safaree has not yet commented on the subject.

Someone said, ‘YA’LL should just stop talking safaree He obviously doesn’t care about going home and being with his kids, ” and another follower posted this: ‘To the neonatal intensive care unit ?? Because your newborn is in the hospital, not outside .. ‘

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Another follower said: “Hope Erica hits you with this child benefit where it hurts. God is watching. She’s a good mother and at the end of the day she isn’t. GB their enemy their strength. ‘

Another follower said, ‘Let him be, he’s not going home, his time is coming’ and someone else posted this: ‘STOP stopping the lying. You’re wearing exactly the same clothes as two days ago when you posted with Beres Hammond, don’t think you’re in Jamaica now, stop lying. ‘

Someone else said, “The girl said she didn’t want him with her, did she? And now that he’s not there, is it a problem ??? 🤷🏾‍♀️. Be careful what you ask for! ‘

Another follower posted: “Just asking how you know this post is new. Has anyone on this comment seen it in Jamaica recently. Most of these celebrities don’t post while they are where they are after they leave Post.”

Stay tuned for more news to see if Safaree and Erica can get their relationship up and running again.

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