Salman Khan seeks contempt for KRK as he continues to make defamatory comments

Superstar Salman Khan filed a petition in a court here on Monday demanding contempt be initiated against actor Kamaal R Khan for continuing to make defamatory comments despite a commitment not to do so. The petition is filed in a libel suit filed by Salman to prevent Kamaal R Khan from directly or indirectly creating and uploading videos or other content about the actor, his business ventures and films/projects.

When the defamation case was heard last month, Kamaal R Khan’s lawyer Manoj Gadkari told the court that his client would not make any further defamatory statements or comments against Salman until the next hearing date. Salman Khan had filed a defamation complaint against Kamaal R Khan over the review of the last released Hindi film Radhe.

On Monday, Salman’s lawyer Pradip Ghandy told Extra Sessions Judge CV Marathe that Kamaal R Khan continued to publish defamatory tweets despite the assurances. “This is contempt of court,” Ghandy argued. An application was then made for contempt of Kamaal R Khan.

The court heard arguments about the application and placed it for further hearing on June 11. The court said the earlier statement by Khan’s lawyer Manoj Gadkari will be continued until then.

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