San Francisco man missing after kayaking Clear Lake solo

A ashes Francisco man was missing for three days after embarking on a solo kayak trip Sunday.

Dylan Flanagan, 28, was last seen at around 4:45 pm Sunday Lake County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release, while kayaking on Clear Lake.

About 20 minutes later, Flanagan’s girlfriend called him on his cell phone to ensure his well-being; he picks it up and makes sure it’s safe. But hours passed by, the sheriff’s office said, and all “subsequent calls went to his voicemail.” (The sheriff’s office did not respond to a request for SFGATE comments.)

Lake County News reportedly headed toward Rattlesnake Island. Flanagan and his friends were celebrating his birthday when they were staying at a vacation rental, the news site reported.

Deputies and the sheriff’s office, for each release, arrived on the scene just after 10 pm after being contacted by Flanagan’s girlfriend.

But a search tonight by the sheriff’s marine unit in the area and in the Rattlesnake Island area was canceled that night due to high winds and bad weather, the sheriff’s office said.

The next morning, officials found a dark green kayak near Widgeon Bay; deputies believe the kayak is one Flanagan was on Sunday.

According to his LinkedIn, Flanagan works for the AppsFlyer marketing service under its successful customer division.

Flanagan was last seen wearing a Hawaiian navy shirt, pink, square-colored frame and a straw hat.

Authorities will continue the search Wednesday. Anyone with information regarding where to contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s non-emergency office line can call (707) 263-2690.

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