Sha ‘Carri Richardson made his first appearance after the controversy at the Olympics

It was just revealed that Sha ‘Carri Richardson made his first public appearance after the Olympics controversy. Check out the latest reports here.

Someone said, “She held up so well to see it. We live and learn, and then we move on !!!” and one commenter wrote this: “I know she wishes people would stop talking about her mishap, but I sure do.”

Another follower said, “You guys all act like she’s in jail or something,” and one commenter posted this message: “She’s coming back even stronger next year. Beautiful black queen ✊🏽 ‘

One fan said, “She looks absolutely stunning! Truly America’s Treasure ❤️ ‘and other fans hopped into the comments and agreed.

Someone else posted the following note in the comments section: “You can tell she was crying inside. Now she wants to smoke another joint. ‘

Someone else said, ‘The milking, she should have just followed the rules …’ and one commenter posted this: ‘It’s the look on my face when he said’ Louisiana finest ‘🤣’

One commenter wrote: “You might as well get a bag from it. Get into the CBD business ️ ‘and another follower said,’ Why does everyone pretend they suddenly don’t know how rules work? This has been an Olympic policy for decades that they CHOOSE to violate. Other athletes have understood the task and will compete, let’s move on. ‘

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