Shailene Woodley says she and her fiancé Aaron Rodgers “should be together” and explains why they moved in together “immediately”!

In a new interview, the famous actress spoke about her relationship with her fiancé Aaron Rodgers, admitting the two “jumped in headfirst” when they decided to move in together pretty soon after their date. Now Shailene Woodley is telling the world more about how it all started and that she feels like he’s definitely the one!

While chatting with Shape, the divergent star shared that “starting a relationship where you move in with someone immediately – because there’s a pandemic and you can’t just get on a plane to fly back and forth over the weekend – informed us of each other very quickly. We jumped in headlong and got rid of some of the sticky spots early on. ‘

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As it turned out, the beginning of their romantic relationship wasn’t at all what she’d imagined.

However, she can’t help but be truly grateful that she had someone by her side to share her difficult moments with in the midst of quarantine.

According to her, Shailene and Aaron started quarantine together after three months of self-isolation during which they saw no one.

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“I have the feeling we should be together,” she enthused at some point during the interview.

In their isolation, just as a couple, Shailene and Aaron not only fell in love more and more, but also discovered how much they have in common, such as their passion for environmental protection.

That said, it wasn’t long before they decided it was time to take the next step in their relationship, which was the engagement!

In the meantime, the two have tried their best to stay out of the public eye, but it sounds like they’re finally ready to be more open about the love they share.

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