Sunny Deol tore his pants in anger during Darr, didn’t speak to Shah Rukh Khan Khan for 16 years

In Yash Chopra’s Darr, Sunny Deol played the ultimate hero, while Shah Rukh Khan, who now rules Bollywood as one of its biggest superstars, was the anti-hero. But did you know that Sunny and Shah Rukh have not spoken to each other for 16 long years after the film’s release? Sunny was upset with the way his character was portrayed in the film, while SRK’s Rahul Mehra managed to take over the canvas.

In an appearance on Aap Ki Adalat, Sunny Deol recalled late, talking about the disagreements he’d had with Darr’s director Yash Chopra on the sets of the film, and how angry it had made him.

Shahrukh Khan in Darr. (Photo: Express Archive)

Sunny Deol said he disagreed with the film’s climax in which Shah Rukh’s character stabs his commando character. “I had a heated argument with Yash Chopra about that scene. I tried to explain that I am a commando officer in the movie. My character is expert and fit, how can this boy beat me easily? He can beat me if I can’t see him. If he can stab me while I’m looking at him, I won’t be called a commando,” Sunny said.

Darr was directed by Yash Chopra. (Photo: Express Archive)

However, the director refused to heed Sunny’s complaints, causing the actor to take off his pants furiously. “Soon, out of anger, I didn’t even realize that I had ripped my pants with my hands,” he said. The actors didn’t speak to each other for 16 years after the film’s release, but Sunny said it wasn’t intentional. “It’s not that I didn’t talk, I just interrupted myself and I don’t have much social contact anyway. So we never met, toh bath karne ki bath he nahi hai,” he recalled.

Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla with Yash Chopra. (Photo: Express Archive)

In an earlier interview, Sunny said his “problem with the movie was that I didn’t know they were going to glorify the villain.”

Darr came out in 1993 when Sunny Deol was at the peak of his career, while Shah Rukh Khan was still cementing his place in the film industry. It was also SRK’s first film with Yash Chopra.

Not only did Darr make SRK extremely popular, his “Kkkk-kiran” dialogue is remembered to this day. It was one of the few “anti-hero” films the actor made in his career.

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