Tahoe tourist startled by bear in dumpster sues over his injuries

A Tahoe tourist is suing after he is accused of being injured when a bear popped out of a dump in Incline Village, court documents show.

Plaintiff John Donaldson says he suffered an Achilles tendon tear and was diagnosed with spinal compression after tripping and falling on Sept. 5, 2019, at Incline Crest condominium in Tahoe.

Tilt Crest could not be reached for comment.

Donaldson is accused of walking his dog when he walked up to a dump to dump his pet. On opening the latch, “he was immediately confronted by a bear that was in the dump,” court documents found in courthousenews.com you say.

Seized by the bear, Donaldson, a Davis resident, fell on it, twisting his left leg and ankle and landing on his back, documents said. In court documents, Donaldson said his worn Achilles required surgery, as well as injuries sustained in his back.

In court records, Donaldson accused that the dump door “would not automatically close as it was designed to do,” and “someone deliberately slammed the door closed.”

He accused the dump door to function properly for “several months.” The Incline Crest Homeowners Association immediately asked for a dump to be replaced, court documents said.

Donaldson is suing Incline Crest Condominium Association Number One, as well as Waste Management of Nevada, Inc., for damages amounting to $ 15,000, plus inaccurate damages and court / attorney fees.

Waste management did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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