‘The Politician’ season 3: was Netflix renewed or canceled in 2021?

The Politician – Image: Netflix / 20th Television

It has been over a year since the second season of the Ryan Murphy-produced comedy-drama series The politician was released on Netflix. If you’re wondering whether the series has been extended or canceled, we have bad news. It’s essentially pending, but we don’t currently expect it to return.

The political comedy series is one of the first Ryan Murphy-produced titles to hit Netflix and the second by 20th Television with his involvement.

It’s worth noting that Netflix was never officially renewed The politician for a second season. Rather than it was originally sold to Netflix with a large order two seasons in advance, given the intense bidding war.

The series received a number of nominations for Netflix, including 5 nominations for a Primetime Emmy. Additionally, the series holds a respectable 7.5 on IMDb, but only has 19,000 reviews.

Season 2 was released after the top 10 features debuted back in March 2020. The series only spent 6 days in the top 10 in the US, but spent 23 days in the top 10 in Russia and Ukraine.

Has the politician been renewed or canceled?

Official renewal status: Pending

Often times, a bad sign is looking at the social media accounts for the show. In the case of The Politician, the Instagram account has been silent since last August when they posted to Netflix via Ratched in September. The last post on The Politician was at the end of July 2020.

The makers involved in several other projects could mean The Politician was just postponed until later. Ryan Murphy produces a number of Netflix Originals. Ian Brennan is currently working on Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story where he is the lead author.

Ben Platt is also currently involved in many new projects. We roll happily with you is his next feature film with The people we hate at the wedding coming soon too. This is in addition to his projects outside of Hollywood, including his music work.

Will we ever get an official announcement? We have to wait and see. There are a large number of shows that have not yet received an announcement and instead we simply refer to them as “ghost canceling”. We suppose The politician is now part of that list.

Murphy expressed his intention to move forward with a third season by saying:

“” I’d love to do that, and I think all of us involved in it would probably like to do three seasons in total. “

What to Expect from The Politician Season 3?

Season 2 started with a cliffhanger that leads straight to another season.

With New York wrapped up, a third season would almost certainly see Payton turning his eyes to higher office and a vice presidential campaign.

Season 2 ended 2 years after the main events of the season in which he pondered his accomplishments.

Elsewhere, shortly after Season 2 was released, DigitalSpy spoke to Theo Germaine and was asked what they wanted from a third season, saying:

“I’m definitely interested in what his love life is. This is definitely a big thing for me. I find it interesting because the character and I have the same gender identity, but it’s not an issue on the show, which is still a huge relief because even I’m tired of talking about gender all the time.

I think it would be exciting to see more of his backstory and what is more of his emotional life. I’m interested in that. I want to know who is going out with whom! “

As Elle notes, Payton’s friends are all still close, which means we’d expect the bulk of the cast to return for every third season.

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