TI commends Tokyo NOW – check out the clips he posted

TI praises Tokyo now on his social media account. Check out the posts he shared.

‘Lil Sis 1 of the coldest @tokyojetz 🥶Gives me goosebumps hearing her kick her shit … because I watch her go through it and I know it’s ALL Legend has it … she’s still running on this Ho‼ ️ ‘tip has one of his posts subtitled.

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Someone said, “She is the top 3 female Idgaf! Lyrically, Real Life Stories … not too much music, “and another follower posted this message:” The first damn line got me like hmm for real facts. Wtf looks like I’m staring up at midnight, those damn stars aren’t real like Suge Night when Suge Night took his words and posted fights! You know, he really sat down and started arguments to get you out of the contract, he wasn’t what he looked like. They showed us the real Effin Suge night, the same night Pac died, yes he died for the Suge night! 😢 So how does it look, your whole life you could fight and then why in the end the elites are gone, still take your life, a yo woman, she better have a heart because it’s a ruff night because she knows exactly what you know it looks like. ‘

Another follower said: ‘Finally a woman who talks about something.’

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Tip posted another video and captioned it with the following words: ‘Gon & Finish ya meal @ tokyojetz👑Sure to say Lil sis gets the job💯 # CancelCulture OUT NOW‼ ️’

One commenter wrote this: “I wish Grand Hustle would promote her better as Tokyo is 🔥 and very underrated,” and another follower said, “My housewife told me about her! You love her in Jacksonville! ‘

Apart from that, Tip lives his best life with his family these days. Stay tuned for more news.

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