Tiny Harris’ clips starring heiress Harris will make you smile

Little Harris shared a number of new clips with Heiress Harris . Check them out below.

“My little entertainer @heiressdharris loves to sing, so I asked her to sing something for me. The first time I missed it so I asked her to do it again and it did. So she sang it for me according to her original # !! Aunt @kandi she likes your work🤪 👑💜 ‘Tiny has added a subtitle to her post.

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Someone said, ‘My little superstar in the making! I love myself some @heiressdharris! ❤️ ‘and another follower posted this:’ When she took a breath at the beginning … I already knew she was going to do her thing! Good job pretty girl! ‘

One commenter said, “She had to match it up in the beginning because she turned you on with something BEAUTIFUL, baby! 😂😂👍🏽👍🏽🥰🥰 Go away, heiress !! ‘

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One fan wrote: “She definitely has a voice! Do not sleep! I heard the passion and the vibrato awnnnn! So I know the present is there !! ‘

Someone else said: ‘She definitely got the job ❤️’

Little Harris raved about her daughter Zonnique Pullins. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

“It’s that time again! 💅🏼 The ESSENCE Festival of Culture is practically returning from July 2-4. Take a look at essencefestival.com and be inspired by all the stars who talk about beauty. Be on the lookout for all of @themixfoxsoul’s hosts at the Beauty Carnival! Streaming on Demand, too, in case you miss it! ⭐️ Visit essencefestival.com for more information. #EssenceBeautyCarnival #EssenceFest “, Tiny titled her contribution.

Speaking of Tiny, her husband, Tip also made headlines recently.

TI claims that the person who sued him has a rather bad reputation! With this in mind, the rapper has reportedly asked the judge on his case to dismiss the libel suit alleging he held a gun to the head of a woman and threatened to kill her!

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