Tiny Harris shares an exciting message about Heiress Harris

Little Harris is the proudest mom out there. Check out the message she shared about her daughter.

‘Don’t Play Wit My Baby @heiressdharris says she is preparing for the fifth member of the next Xscapes tour! Lol @annietracy is really the truth with her & @joshevanlee made my 🌞 work in LA !! 👑💜 #BillsBillsBills once for my sister @kandi for that ✍🏽 #DestinyChild β€œ, Tiny titled her post.

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Someone said, β€œThe way I smile. Go bestie go ”, and another follower posted this:β€œ This baby is everything and the man has skills. It’s harmonizing for me. ‘

One follower said: ‘Wow !!! So that she stays up to date with the harmonies !!! Yes, heiress !!! ‘ and someone else posted this: ‘Heiress baby, they hardly pay bills, sorry to tell you lol.’

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Someone else said, ‘I love her! i have londyn her imma gotta ft! Tell her that londyn said, “I want to name an heiress.”

Last month, Little Harris made her fans’ day with this video she shared. Check it out here.

‘Good morning and good afternoon 🌍Someone who felt I needed to hear this sent me days ago. So I felt the need to share. Have a great Sunday .. 🙏🏽👑‼ ️ #ThxBrit #TDJakes #Thankful #BlessedNHighlyFavored, ‘said Tiny.

One follower said, ‘My God, I just said about an hour ago, I don’t see how I’m going to get out and then this! In time! ‘

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