Toya Johnson talks about her fibroid journey

Toya Johnson shares her fibroid journey with her fans and followers. Check out the news she posted here.

“I have the right to be brave and share my fibroid journey with other women who have had fibroids and don’t know much about it. Don’t be afraid to share your story so that you can get the right treatment you need. Follow @USAFibroidCenters. They point you in the right direction, ”Toya captioned her post.

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Someone said, “Fibroid endometriosis and all kinds of vaginal health problems are pretty much kept secret because for some reason (which is insane) people tend to act like these problems should be kept secret. That is why many of us suffer in silence alone. If we felt safe sharing our problems, there would be a bigger network where people could be diagnosed much faster. ‘

As one commenter wrote: “I know that they hurt so that severe pain is excruciating !! 😢 ‘and someone else said,’ To everyone who belongs to you, but I was in such severe pain that I had to have an operation. ‘

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One follower posted: “I am 4 days after the opp from myomectomy surgery and I would advise you to do your own research. FIBROIDS can be very different for everyone, so a relief program may not be the same for every person. UFE can be difficult for a woman trying to have a baby, so surgery may be a better option. Make YOUR OWN RESEARCH WOMEN again. Good health to you all. ‘

Toya Johnson shared some pictures with her daughter and her first mystery item. Check out the post that IG shared.

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