Valerie Bertinelli and Demi Lovato were on the set of their new show “Hungry!”

Demi Lovato and Valerie Bertinelli were first photographed on the set of their upcoming new show titled Hungry. The stars wore activewear for their roles and seemed to laugh a lot together between takes.

The two will play mother and daughter in the TV pilot and recently filmed for it in LA.

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Of course, both are very experienced in their acting careers, Valerie is best known for her role in Days of Our Lives, while Demi Lovato started her career on Disney Channel when they were a kid!

The plot of this new project that they are working on revolves around Valerie’s character named Lisa, who owns a restaurant and has to deal with large fluctuations in her weight.

As for Demi, they play Teddy, a “food stylist” who is also busy improving her eating habits.

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Other than that, since the outdoor scene captured by the paparazzi featured them in leggings, casual t-shirts, and sneakers, it’s safe to say that it must have been a bit of exercise.

Speaking of which, Valerie started talking about body shaming on social media not that long ago.

More specifically, in a video, the actress clapped someone back commenting on her weight.

“When you see someone who has put on some weight, my first thought is that the person is going through some things because if I could lose the weight and keep it simple, I would. But since I haven’t had any success with it in my entire life, I’m still doing it at 61 [it]. You think I’m not fed up, lady? Where is the compassion? You think a silly little comment like “You need to lose weight” – doesn’t help.

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