Video shows San Francisco sideshow temporarily blocking Bay Bridge entrance

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Harrison and Fremont street intersections.

Harrison and Fremont street intersections.

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A haze cloud covered the intersection of Fremont and Harrison streets in San Francisco, as a sidehow temporarily blocked an entrance to Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway and Bay Bridge Sunday evening.

Movies posted on Reddit in the incident shows the crowd of people standing on the crosswalks and sidewalks, watching a gray sedan make donuts at the intersection. Someone shone a blue beam on the snake.

Feet on the ground show some members of the crowd recording the car spinning around, and the area covered in smoke. It also appears as if traffic at this intersection stopped at a standstill, based on extra footage shared by KGO reporter JR Stone on Twitter.

At one point during the evening fireworks were gone, reported KGO. All the cars and most of the participants in the Sidehow left as soon as the officers arrived at the scene. San Francisco police spokesman Adam Lobsinger told local news that no one was injured or arrested after the event.

It is unclear how long the choir lasted before police arrived.

Lobsinger told SFGATE that if the sidehow extended into the over-ramp highway, it would fall under the jurisdiction of the California Highway Patrol.

Bay City News Services contributed to this report.

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